If you ask 10 people you will get 10 different answers to the question: What is Shabby Chic?

The internet authority, Wiki says:

The style started in Great Britain and evokes the type of decoration found in large country houses where there are worn and faded old chintz sofas and curtains, old paintwork and unassuming ‘good’ taste. The end result of shabby chic is to achieve an elegant overall effect, as opposed to the sentimentally cute Pop-Victorian. Recycling old furniture and fabrics is an important aspect of the look and was especially popular with modern Bohemians and artisans that made up a sidelined counter-culture movement during the 1980s when expensive quality decor became very fashionable with the upper middle classes. The original shabby chic interiors were usually considered in themselves works of art.

Most people associate Shabby Chic as being “feminine”, but I recently discovered “The Bronson Pinchot Project” on DIY. He buys old homes and restores them to masterpieces. His show is on DIY on Saturday nights at 9pm. I haven’t seen the show yet, but I’m putting on my list.

Making Shabby Chic the Manly Way says: “Bronson (who has always loved antique things and refurnishing homes) has a vast amount of knowledge of architecture and history of the 18th century decor and beyond.”

Let me know if you’ve seen the show and what you think of it.